Over the Border

From Parkes we just headed North (no, not to Alaska) to Nyngan. It is amazing seeing how the landscape changes, how flat it is and trying to visualise how it looks when in flood. I remember the 1990 floods, for those of you who are too young here is a bit of info. No I … More Over the Border

Opportunity lost

Oh dear just a quick one here because it is important and I forgot it earlier. We are sitting in the airport waiting for our plane way out west to cruise the gorges and dams of the Yangtze so I have a couple of spare minutes. There is no free wifi on the boat so … More Opportunity lost

Beijing continued

I must have been very excited after the show last night because I did not get very much sleep. We were allowed a late start this morning which was good. Today was also very good but probably my least favourite day of the tour. I will give you a brief outline. First up to the … More Beijing continued