The Summary

Wow this is a tough one but as I sit on board Etihad flight EY 32 from Paris De Gaulle airport to Abu Dhabi on the first leg of my trip home I have about 7 hours to think so here are a few of my thoughts.  Firstly try to find a title photo for … More The Summary

A tour around Angers

Elodie Brought in breakfast this morning because she knows of a ‘Votre Artisan Boulanger’ (your craftsman baker) who handmakes everything including the Croissant and pain au Chocolat which is like a rectangular croissant with chocolate in the middle. Holy Harry his product is good! Chantal came in again this morning to take us on a … More A tour around Angers

Saint Foy la Grande to Angers Via Bordeaux and Tours. 

I love these French trains especially the TGV. We are zooming through the French countryside at up to 320 klm per hour (the TGV has recorded speeds up to 574.8 in a test train for the fastest wheeled train) checking out villages and different agriculture on the way. We are going too fast for photos … More Saint Foy la Grande to Angers Via Bordeaux and Tours. 

Viva la France!

Another rainy morning in Paradise but wait……… our room at Don Cecilio guesthouse has been so quiet I thought it must be soundproof alas Saturday night is party night somewhere nearby and I am not invited! Curfew must be somewhere around 1.30 am but as I am wide awake I will continue to toss and … More Viva la France!

San Sébastien 

I know the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain but yesterday and today there was a bit of it in the mountains! Yesterday there was a terrific downpour in the morning then it cleared into quite a nice day so we visited Igueldo mountain one of the most significant mountains in the city. … More San Sébastien 

San Sebastián 

We are in San Sebastián for a few days so now I seem to have the photos fixed here are a couple of collages from Bilbao before I move on. Thought I was a technotard but am fast becoming a tech head with no one else to call on to fix these problems!! Necessity the … More San Sebastián 

Bilbao Spain

Do you remember me saying that I had to publish because there would be no more writing after Maire arrived, any moment now?  Well you will not believe what happened, I am going to tell you anyway!!! At 6.20 last night I sent a joking email to Howard (Maire’s husband) saying a limo has just … More Bilbao Spain

Wakefield to Spain

Time to move on again so I am catching the train Wakefield to Leeds and change for Manchester, sounds simple enough.  I know security is going to be high at Manchester airport so I book a ticket for early connections. Welcome to Britrail or whatever it is called, my train does not arrive! Talking to … More Wakefield to Spain